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Veneziano Consulting provides a far reaching cross section of tools and work for you.    We can customize our work for you and the size of your needs no matter how large or small and our experience with CBP and other government agencies also affords me the ability to provide insight beyond the scope of FDA.  

  • Speaking engagements

  • Webinars

  • Label reviews

  • FSVP plans and preparation for inspection

  • VQIP needs

  • Food Facility Registration (FFR)

  • Prior Notice questions and submissions

  • Import inquiries

  • Import Alerts

  • Sampling and Analysis questions, issues, concerns

  • ACE

  • ITDS


  • Evaluating responses to the FDA

RETAINER:  I also offer my clients the option of a retainer.  A retainer may suit your firm if you have several interactions with the FDA and want a capable resource at your disposal as needed.   It ensures that I am available should you have an immediate need and gives you piece of mind that a knowledgeable resource is on hand when you need it most.  

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